Perdea de aer in recirculare VORTICE AD2000 L=2 ml

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Air curtains do not produce hot air during recirculation.

VORTICE AD non-heated air curtain:
1. Temperature insulation
2. Can be installed next to the ceiling
3. Environmental comfort
4. Protect rooms from unpleasant elements coming in from outdoors

Structural characteristics:

  • Front panel in brushed aluminium (silver colour) with integrated air intake grille.
  • Rear panel in black painted sheet metal; side panels in black thermoplastic resin.
  • Dual shaft AC motor with thermal cut-out.
  • Neutral versions (room temperature air).
  • 2 operating speeds.
  • Tangential fans guaranteeing quiet operation.
  • An opening running lengthways at the bottom allows air to escape.
  • Adjustable flap can be used to direct the outgoing stream of air as desired.
  • Supplied with connection cable and Schuko type plug.

Main characteristics:
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard door sensors currently available on the market
  • IR remote control with appliance on/off and speed selection buttons; these controls are located on the appliance front panel (3 buttons)
  • 2 speeds
- Minimum installation height: 2.3 m.
- Maximum recommended installation height: 4 m.
- Horizontal wall installation, above doors or as close as possible to the opening, to prevent the passage of air at the sides.
- There is no need to leave space between the curtain and the ceiling, as models with a front air intake grille do not require this.
These curtains can also be used for installations with limited space.
- Easy to install by means of a practical wall mounting bracket

Application types
- Food industry, where climatic and hygienic separation is
required between departments, alongside the quick and
easy passage of goods and people;
- Hospitals and laboratories;
- Catering and hospitality (kitchen odours are kept away
from dining rooms);
- Offices, schools;
- Cinemas, bookshops;
Warehouses and manufacturing departments;
- Bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours;
- Supermarkets;
- Banks;
- Swimming pools, sports centres, changing rooms;
- Refrigerated units (outdoor mounting);
- Greenhouses, drying rooms.

Elegant design and environmental comfort
Air curtains, installed in line with doors or openings in general, create an invisible barrier separating zones of different temperatures, preventing cooled air from escaping in summer and warm heated air in winter, in order to stop heat from being transferred from one environment to another while preventing pollutants (e.g., dust, exhaust gases, smoke, odours) and insects coming in from outdoors.

The air curtains allow customers to enter and leave freely, without obstructing the passageway and providing maximum visibility into the room. The barriers can also be used inside the building, to separate rooms with different conditions: for example, heated areas and unheated warehouses, or dining rooms and kitchens; this facilitates the transit of staff and prevents odours and vapours from being transferred.


Amperaj (A)1.52
Numar trepte de putere2
Lungime (mm)2000
Alimentare (V)230~
Putere motor(low)300
Putere motor(high)350
Debit de aer maxim (mc/h)3600
Frecventa (Hz)50
Nivel de zgomot maxim dB(A)61
Marca produsVORTICE
Mod de functionareRecirculare
Gama de lungime (mm)2000


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